We are a family of faith for all people that they may come to know God the Father, His love, His presence, His power, and His purposes.

We Believe

  • The Bible is the inspired word of God being true and absolute
  • Jesus is the Son of God and only through Him are we saved
  • In the baptism of the Holy Spirit, being Spirit-filled and Spirit-lead
  • Worship and Praise of the One true God in Spirit and truth for He is the only one worthy
  • In the supernatural power of God to heal and set people free from bondage of sin by finished work of the Cross
  • Prayer is the essential foundation of God's word in action

Our Mission

  • To love and know God and to love our neighbor
  • To go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone, testifying of what God has done for us
  • To stand with, teach, and restore people in discipleship
  • To Unite withone another, churches, ministries, nations, and community-based organizations with a common cause
  • To be a House of Worship and Prayer where God's word is believed and spoken

Pastors Curtis & Sandra Jacobson

Senior Pastors


Pastors Chad & Jenn Manning


Pastor Tom & Jenny Ramsey


Pastors Jim & Mary Jacobson


Pastor Jeff Flynn


Pastors Frank & Deb Moran


Pastors Danie & Lynda Packard


Contact Us

Community Church International
17042 160th Ave NE
Thief River Falls, MN 56701

(218) 681-2285

communitychurchtrf @ msn.com

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Community Church International
17042 160the Ave NE
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