Prophet David Wagner

2021 Prophetic Word

Prophet David Wagner

Father I thank you for what your doing in the earth,Lord I thank you for what your doing in the lives of your people. Lord I thank you that you are in control you are in charge and there is something new on the horizon of your heart for us to experience and to step into. Lord I thank you right now for how you are moving among your people not only behind the scenes so that the world may see Your goodness and your glory and your lovingkindness that’s better than life.

Lord I thank you for the revival and the renewal that’s on the way. In your spirit. Lord I thank you that you are reviving your local church you are speaking to your people and I thank you right now for coming upon us these next few minutes and pouring out your spirit and releasing the word of the Lord over us.

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying I’m awaking you once again for the great adventure for many have felt the pain and even the struggle of restrictions and isolation of the last season but today I’m causing chains to break and walls to fall and I’m causing those that have been captive by depression and oppression and the vices of the enemy to go free.

For this is a season says the Lord that I’m going to cause freedom to ring.

I’m declaring from my holy hill I’m declaring from My throne this is the churches finest hour. For the Lord says I’m positioning you and I am raising you up even out of the ashes for many people have tried to highjack the message of the church but good news is about to ring out among the nation good news is about to ring out upon the nations of the earth, good news is about to ring out in your city, good news is about to ring out in the countryside and in the city centers.

For the lord says I’m getting ready to show forth my strong right hand for I am not hindered I am not restricted and I am not limited.

I’m ushering you into a limitless season says the Lord where you shall begin to run like a deer, you shall begin to advance like a mighty army. For the Lord says this is the hour what I have spoken in the Scriptures, where I shall pour out my Spirit on all flesh.Your sons and daughters shall prophesy.

For I’m releasing a prophetic remnant in the earth and I’m stirring up a knowledge and knowing of my voice upon my people Especially the little ones says the Lord for I’m opening up ears to hear and eyes to see. This is the season that I’m giving you eternal eyes and Om giving you heavens ears to hear what I’m speaking from My heart to yours.

For the Lord says do not be discouraged I’m about to take down unusual giants. I’m about to cause there to be a season where the enemy has tried to advance this way and that way the Lord says I’m causing him to flee even seven ways. For the Lord says that this is a season I’m releasing once again Warriors to begin to arise, Warriors who know that it’s not by might or by power but by My spirit. Warriors who know that they carry spiritual weapons and not natural ones, warriors who know that their greatest weapon is their praise and their worship.

For Unusual thrones are coming down in this season where the enemy has tried to occupy falsely. Thrones in government and thrones in economy and thrones in culture. The Lord says I am serving eviction notices to the enemy and I am taking my rightful place and I am calling My church to rise with me. For the Lord says this is a season I’m tearing down Idles and false alters. The spirit of Baal is coming down, get ready for heads to role as I begin to take the head off the religious spirit and the political spirit that jezebel spirit that come against the church and the authority of God in the earth.

For I’m silencing the mouth of the enemy, Im handcuffing his hands in this season. I declare to you again and again and again let freedom reign.

For the Lord says This is the hour of the churches finest moment. For you have not seen anything yet compared to what is coming for many have been living life through the rear view mirror. But I am tearing down that mirror that causes you to focus more on the past than my presence in your present.

And the Lord says I am the God who is giving you a hope and a future. Lift up your eyes once again, for I declare that the year of healing and miracles and the restoration of all things has come upon you. This is the season to engage and this is the season to run ahead and to pursue and to recover all. For the Lord says that I am getting ready to deal with the infighting in my body.

For the Lord says I’m about to bring my church to the table, to the table of communion. Many have been saying where can we agree and where can we find unity. I’m not just calling you into agreement and I’m not just calling you into unity. I’m calling you into oneness, oneness of heart and oneness of voice. Declaring who I am. for the Lord says This is a season where I will show forth my strong right hand.

I will cause nations to be turned in a moment as I make myself irresistible to the nation, for I am the desire of all nations. You’re going to begin to watch a great turning of the heart and a great turning of the head even the heads of state shall see me for who I really am. For the Lord says that many people have been focused on the wrong things in this season their eyes have been on the temporaryBut again the scales of the temporary that I’ve kept you blind in this season are falling off. For the Lord says even as I have spoken in the past to stand your ground to be bold and courageous I am once again releasing the anointing of Joshua upon You, for it is time to clearly cross over, it is time to consecrate and sanctify yourself for him clothing you with the Beauty of holiness. And the Lord says that out of the beauty of holiness I am going to cause my bride to arise. For many have been focusing on this thing and that thing, but I say focus your attention on the bride. For I am preparing the bride that is without spot or wrinkle or blemish to come forth.

For I am after a glorious church and my glory is about to be seen upon you once again. As the knowledge of the glory of God shall cover the earth like the waters cover the sea, this is the season to cover the earth with my glory this is the season to cover the earth with my goodness. Cover the earth with good news for the world has been filled with bad news the world has been filled with the report of this thing and that thing but as the prophet Isaiah spoke out many years ago, whose report will you believe. The Lord is saying that I’m calling you once again to be a people Who believe the report of the Lord. For the Lord says that I am causing many things to be shaken off of you. For indeed the last year was a year where I shook the earth, but I’ve also been purifying the heart of my church. I’ve shook in the earth, I’m preparing my church and I’m stirring you up right now to stir up the gift of God on the inside of you.

For this next season of human history will not be decided by great man, or a political power it will not be decided by some Great philosopher or theologian but will be decided by my sons and by my daughters. For the Lord says this is a season and a time to advance without hesitation or delay. For I am getting ready to bring you in says the lord very quickly into a place of my presence that is uncontainable and uncontrollable. I’m going to overwhelm you and about I’m about to over take you with the beauty of I am in the beauty of my blessing. For I am declaring over you says the Lord that I shall have the last word as far as 2020 is concerned and as far as 2021 and the years ahead and behind I have the last word and the word that I have is salvation has come. And this is the season where I’m about to bring salvation to cities , to states, to provinces, and nations.

Nations shall not only be saved in a day but discipled in a day, for it has been my plan and my purpose all along. Get your eyes off of the temporary fix your eyes upon me. For I’m doing a new thing, I’m doing something you’ve never seen known or perceived before. It’s beyond your wildest dreams it’s outside of your greatest expectations. For the lord said in moments like these with uncertainty on the earth, I always position my church to thrive. For there is no recession in the kingdom. The enemy is on a budget but you might people or not. For I’m about to release unprecedented resources for the sake of evangelism, for the sake of feeding the poor, For the sake of taking care of the orphan and the widow, and for sending the glorious gospel throughout the earth. Many are saying how can we do this we were stuck and we’re restricted there is no limitation in the spirit there is no restriction in the spirit for the Lord says I’m bringing you into the dining of your new day many have been crying out we want to go back to the way things were but there is no going back there is only moving forward. This is the season of the great advance for the Lord says that while the world and the enemy has been scheming, k ow this the Lord says my plan has been in affect all along.For I am turning the hearts and it is time once again to focus your heart upon Jesus, he is the prize he is the pearl of great price he is the great treasure. And the Lord says I’m about to bring you into my heart for this is the season I’m calling you higher by bringing you deeper. I’m causing you to be seen in greater ways By keeping you hidden in me. This is the season of reflection and I’m anointing you to be my reflector to reflect my light my love and my face in the earth. Do not get caught up in the opinions of man but focus your eyes your vision your heart and your hearing towards what’s being said in my heart.

For the Lord says I am setting things right and I am setting things straight. And many people have had their eyes on the wrong things and they have been discouraged and they have been disappointed, and they even come against one another over a difference of opinion. But I’m about to allow you to see the earth through Heaven’s eyes in the sense of urgency in this moment. For the infighting in the church is about to come to an end. For there’s not a white church and a black church and a Spanish church And at this church and a that church but there is a glorious church emerging in the earth.

Let the revenant rise, for it is time to rise and to build it is time to rise and spring forth. It is time to move ahead in the plan of the Lord. Take your joy back, take your peace back, for it does not belong circumstance situation or the enemy. It belongs to you, I have fully given it to you. For this is the season of one of the greatest hours of fruitfulness for the church. I’m going to cause the fruits of the spirit to be overflowing in my house. Get ready prepare the royal robes and the rings for protocols are coming home. I’m about to bring those that have wandered off, prodigal preachers prodigal children prodigal parents for I’m bringing my people back to a place called restoration.

For the lord said my goodness is about to be seen my miracles are about to be displayed. The rumblings of revival are beginning to flow through the earth. For the lord said last year the earth shook with fear, but in the year ahead the Lord says the earth is about to shake with the rumblings of revival. Man cannot figure out the problems of the earth, they can’t figure out the things that need to be done and the solutions that need to be discovered. But I’m about to release kingdom authority I’m about to release he keys and a convergence of revelation knowledge and wisdom. And I’m going to cause those things to Converge upon my people.

Every new year many people make resolutions, but I declare over you this is not the year of resolution, this is the year of solutions. I’m anointing you to be a revealer to be releasers of the solutions of God, that come from my heart that come from my infinite wisdom. For the Lord says I’m not mocked nor have I been incapacitated. For I am moving even behind the scenes. The Lord says many people have been crying out where is the Lord in this and where is the Lord in that, and the Lord says I have wept over the sick and I wept over the afflicted. I’ve wept over the hurting. This is going to be the season where I turn the tide on the enemy and I begin to release even greater power upon my people. The Lord said the year of healing is upon you. Welcome to the year of healing. Welcome to the year of the restoration of all things.

Welcome to your year of miracles, it’s time to cross the threshold. Don’t mourn what was more than what you expect what is to come. For the Lord says the earth is about to see my glory my goodness my kindness and my faithfulness that has endured throughout all generations. Lord says get ready for I’m about to move in governmental things, i’m about to move and turn the hearts of kings and presidents and senators and representatives. I’m about to break the hearts of people who hold parliamentary positions in the earth and Prime Minister’s. I’m about to turn the hearts of kings, for the Lord says I’m releasing the anointing that was upon Daniel Who by his honoring and humility turn the heart of a Nebuchadnezzar. For the key to the season for my people is humility. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God. He exalts the humble but he resists the proud. For the Lord says I’m popping the bubbles, i’m bursting the bubbles of the proud and the Howdy Who think they know more than me. But I’m doing it out of kindness, I’m about to release the need reveal the need for a savior once again.

And the Lord says that this is going to be a time as I begin to humble even worldly leaders, as I begin to humble people under my hand -You’re about to watch that Daniel anointing come up and I’m going give you eyes to see even in the dark. For this is going to be the season, where I give my people night visions and I give my people day visions and I give my people dreams again. It is time to dream again Church. It is Time to dream again for I am about to release a wiping of your tears. For weeping may endure for a night but joy is coming in the morning.

I declare the 2021 is a season of the morning. I’m bringing you out of mourning out of weeping out of grief and I’m bringing you to the dawning of a new day. And I felt like right now the sun is beginning to rise and incense is beginning to come forth off of our alters of worship. True worship is being restored as God releases a Josiah anointing once again in the earth. I feel it in my heart and my spirit right now that there is this next generation of worshipers that worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, I worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Innocence is being restored. Purity of heart is going to be the pivoting point in this next season. I feel it right now taking place as you’re reading this. God is pivoting our heart his posturing our heart in this season towards purity once again, so that we could see the Lord.

I believe this is going to be a year of seeing the Lord, of feeling the Lord, of knowing the Lord more clearly than ever before. I believe the Lord is saying that he is removing the cloud of confusion, Depression, despair, and oppression off of his people and joy is coming once again. Joy is your portion, peace is your portion but do not mistake peace for comfort. For the Lord says I didn’t come to make you comfortable I came to give you a peace that passes all understanding. That in the day of trouble in the Day of these perilous times they have come upon you, that you would not faint, you would not hide you would not run away. But you would know how to stand underneath the power of the peace that I put inside of you. For peace isn’t a feeling it’s a person, his name is Jesus the prince of peace.

Truth is not a feeling it’s not a thought it’s not intellectual,Truth as a person, his name is Jesus. Love is not an emotion, it’s not a feeling. Love is a person his name is Jesus. I believe the person of Jesus is about to manifest himself he’s about to show up in every place of our lives. And I felt like the Lord said I’m bringing healing to the streets this move of God that’s coming in the year 2021. It’s not just going to be healing in a prayer line in a church but it’s going to be healing in the street. For coming once again to overshadow you like I overshadowed Silas and Peter in the book of acts. When Peter was overshadowed by the healer his shadow would heal the sick. Are you ready for days like that it was just a glimpse of things to come, it was part of the pattern all along. And the Lord says I’m putting my pattern back in place. Let me overshadow you. Dwell underneath the shadow of my wings, not only to protect you so that my shadow may be cast on this sick the afflicted and the oppressed.I hear the sound of chains breaking, I hear the sound of prison doors opening. This is the season I’m bringing you into freedom, into healing into miracles like you’ve never known before. I declare over you the restoration of all things has begun.

Father right now in the name of Jesus I thank you for what you’re doing in the earth, Lord I thank you for what you’re doing in Our lifetime. Lord we could’ve been born any other time, but you chose us to be born for such a time as this and would you awaken us to the hour that we’re living in. Would you restore that urgency for souls, would you restore that urgency in our heart for this moment. Lord I think you right now that you are tearing down dividing walls and you are building that bridge of oneness. One heart that leads us into one purpose with you to see your love in this glorious gospel cover the Earth. Lord thank you for the word of the Lord and this glorious blessed hope that we have as we step out of 2020 into 2021. Lord I pray that we would go out of this year with a shout, we would go out of this year praising and worshiping you because you’re good. In the midst of the darkness the light still came and we weren’t overcome by the darkness. Lord in the midst of Sickness we’re still here we have our breath we have your breath in our lungs we have your breath keeping us alive today. Lord we celebrate. Lord I thank you right now in a world that’s filled with all kinds of stuff we declare over the earth tonight that the Lord is good, that the Lord is good. It’s more than just a scripture it’s more than just a song, the Lord is good and his mercy endures forever.

I feel like right now the Lord is anointing us as catalysts of compassion to Bring forth miracles of mercy. Compassion and mercy are about to cascades like a waterfall upon the body of Christ in this year. I believe it more than ever before the world is going to know us by our love,By our compassion, by our mercy and miracles are going to abound because of it. I declare that I will leave it with all my heart.

In Jesus name amen.

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